Writer, opinionista, essayist, perfumista, picker-up of unconsidered trifles, contributor to all sorts and conditions of publication from the Daily Mail to New Humanist, devoté of Pliny Maior, author of The Chronicles of Bargepole, Big Babies and Lost Worlds, currently working with the great Mike Stoller (of Leiber & Stoller) on a musical about Oscar Wilde. Teach the occasional spot of Tragedy to keep my eye in. Pilot, harpsichordist, cook, photographer, red-hot lover  and self-deluding old goat.

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    My missing sister

    I recently wrote about my missing not-quite-adopted sister in The Independent, subsequently syndicated in The Daily Mail.  These things cast long shadows. Though I don't think I'd go as far as the Mail who declared I'd been "traumatized" by the events.  Affected, yes.  Traumatized?  Well... perhaps they're right. I'd be the last person to know.


    Normal service...

    ...will now be resumed after an interesting episode in which I forgot to renew my domain registration and got quite inexplicably snapped up by some Japanese fellow inexplicably advertising a seemingly-dodgy how-to-get-into-medical-school-without-any-aptitude-for-medicine scam.

    The mystery is why he thought Japanese people wanting to get into medical school would google me. Strange.

    But in case you're one of them: I don't know how to get into medical school without working hard, getting good grades, and having an aptitude for the profession. Mind you, I managed it, back in the day. But, back in the day, there was a thriving market for charlatans.

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