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    Float Like a Butterball, Sting Like a Squid

    Another own goal by the Telegraph in its hurtle downhill to the Mail and beyond; posing under false names and making secret recordings is the stuff of the lower-order red-tops. But facilis descensus Averno, and their "findings" haven't helped their Tory cause. What have we discovered?

    • Vince Cable could utterly tuogh up the Graber government
    • He also loathes Murdoch and everything he stands for
    • They don't think Wanker Cameron has actually become a Liberal
    • Wanker isn't immediately clearly a hundred per cent sincere
    • George "Slitherin" Osborne has a capacity to get up one's nose and has no experience of how people live.
    • There are some Tories you can live with and others who are beyond the pale
    • You have to play the hand you're dealt
    • Ken Clarke is a decent man
    • Janet Suzman is an admirable figure
    • etc.

    How is this wearily self-evident stuff meant to support Cameron and his chums? And why pose as LibDem-voting constituents to get the "scoop"? A conversation between an MP and his constituents is neither privileged nor private; it is a continuation of public discourse, no matter how much the Telegraph may wish otherwise, a bit like those old BBC interviews which went

    BBC MAN: Today we are privileged to have the Chancellor of the Exchequer to tell us a little about his forthcoming Budget. Chancellor, perhaps you could tell us a little about your forthcoming Budget.

    CHANCELLOR: Blah drone waffle etc

    [20 minutes later] BBC MAN: Thank you, Chancellor.

    Poor politics. Poor journalism. Poor Telegraph.



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